The Guelph Anarchist Black Cross Collective is committed to confronting the state, capitalism, colonization, and all forms of exploitation. The function of prisons is inherently codependent with these forces, for neither can exist without the other. We see prison as a daily threat, also manifesting in all aspects of society through surveillance, isolation and repression. We want to contribute to a struggle against prisons, and the world that needs them.

We want to support, provide resources, and help build a framework for defense with communities burdened by the legal system, courts, jails, prison, arrests, and police. This means having access to resources like lawyers, building networks of solidarity, maintaining relationships with those locked up and connecting with those who face similar struggles.

We do not limit our solidarity to “political prisoners”. We want to build a struggle with marginalized communities and anyone who strives for freedom. It is important for any ongoing revolutionary struggle to recognize that the fight against prison is a part of the fight for freedom (for us, as anarchist revolutionaries, repression and prison are a daily threat and reality). It is with this understanding that we expand our ties and strengthen our struggles.

Fight the system inside and outside the walls!

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