Monthy Letter Writing Night

9 May

Guelph ABC Presents:

Monthly Letter Writing To Prisoners
For the Secret Trial 5
Tuesday, May 10
49 Alice St.

Come out to hear a presentation about the Secret Trial 5, and the struggle
against security certificates. We will be focusing on two men, Mohamed
Harkat and Mohammad Mahjoub, who remain under strict house arrest and have
spent years in jail since their initial arrests. Security certificates
give the government the “right” to imprison people on no charge, not
giving them access to any evidence against them or a fair trial. If these
men are deported, they likely face torture or death.

Show your support for folks who have been forced through especially brutal
repression by the State.
Letter writing materials (stationary, stamps) will be provided.

The Guelph Anarchist Black Cross holds letter writing nights on the second
Tuesday of every month.
Coming up on June 14: letter writing to Nyki Kish, a community activist
wrongfully convicted of 2nd degree murder, imprisoned in Kitchener.

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