Leah Henderson Sentenced and Taken into Custody

20 Dec

Today Leah Henderson was sentenced to 10 months in prison for one count of counseling mischief over $5,000. This is after 1 and a half years of restrictive bail conditions, house arrest and jail. The court house was packed full of people that care about her as she was lead into custody. Please show Leah love and support by writing to her, organizing letter writing nights for all of the G20 defendants, and donating to the G20 prisoner fund.

you can read Leah’s statement to the courts and letter to her community here.

She has been transferred to Vanier and will wait their to be classified, therefore she may be moved to another institution in the future.

Leah Henderson

c/o Vanier Centre for Women at Milton
665 Martin Street
Milton, Ontario L9T 5E6
Telephone (905) 876-8300

Sincerely, the Guelph Anarchist Black Cross (GAyBC)

Adam and Erik Moved to Penetang

13 Dec

Today, Adam and Erik were moved to the super-jail in Penetainguishine, the Central North Correctional Centre. They are currently cellmates and  in good spirits. Peter is current at the same prison but in a different range. Here is their new mailing address:

Adam Lewis / Erik Lankin / Peter Hopperton

Central North Correctional Centre
1501 Fuller Ave.
Penetanguishene, ON
L9M 2H4

It isn’t likely they’ll be moved again.

They especially want mail and reading material.

Thanks for the support.

9 Dec



Mapuche, Anti-Authoritarian and Anarchist Solidarity Night



“If you think you are free, it is because you have not flown high enough to collide into the fence.”

Freedom for the Mapuche Political Prisoners, the Chilean Anarchist 5, and the Toronto G20 Conspiracy Group 6!

“See how few of us we are, and yet they invent grand media spectacles, but cannot erase what we have to say.

Look at how few of us we are, and yet their insults become desperate against us, their arguments become minor and are terrified by the smallest gestures while having all the power in their hands.

See how few of us we are and you shall see… You shall see that one day there will be millions just like us…

Only then will you have had a reason to have feared us so.”(Domingo Murua. Chuma…)


MISSY ‘OJISTARI:YO’ ELLIOT & SIX NATIONS YOUTHS – Member(s) of Young Onkwehonwe United. Testimony on the ongoing Youth Reclamation at Six Nations of the Grand River Territory.

MEGHAN LANKIN (From Kitchener, ON)– Part of the G20 Main Conspiracy Group 17, whose charges were recently dropped. Testimony on the ongoing support and solidarity with her brother, Toronto G20 Political Prisoner, Erik Lankin.

DAVID PRYCHITKA (From Hamilton, ON) – Part of the G20 Main Conspiracy Group 17, whose charges were recently dropped. Testimony on the ongoing support and solidarity with Toronto G20 Political Prisoner, Peter Hopperton.

JAROSLAVA AVILA – Mapuche solidarity activist with the Women’s Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu [Toronto]. Part of the original G20 Main Conspiracy Group 20, whose charges were dropped on Dec 20th, 2010.

NELL THURLOW – Mother of indigenous G20 arresttee, Ryan Rainville, recently convicted on a 8 month conditional sentence on house arrest.

DANIEL VANDERVOORT – External Commissioner of the University of Toronto Graduate Student’s Union. Testimony on broader conspiracy  charges and the G20 GSU raid in June 2010.





Mapuche youth, Alex Lemun Saavedra, was only 17 years old when he was murdered by Chilean National Police during a reclamation in the lands of Wallmapu, in 2001. “The Rebirth of Lemun” portrays the memory of a young Weichafe [Warrior], a community in mourning and the defiance of an indigenous nation.

*With Claudia in Our Hearts (Con Claudia en el Corazon)*

Beloved student, dance artist, and anarchist Claudia Lopez, was murdered by Chilean National Police during the riots of September 11th, 1998 in commemoration of the bloody fascist coup d’etat of 1973. The film depicts her memory among the Santiago community of La Pincoya and the mobilizations that she inspired in her people.



Free Vegan (Meat Option) Meal @ 6:30PM – Right after the No Prison Expansion March!

**Donations Appreciated :) **


16 Bancroft Avenue, Toronto (North of College, East of Spadina)

Organized by: The Women’s Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu


Peter Hopperton Transfered, New Address

6 Dec

Today Peter Hopperton was taken from his cell which he was sharing with fellow G20 prisoner Eric Lankin and transferred to Central North Correctional Centre, commonly called Penetanguishene after the city it is located in.

Penetanguishene is a Maximum Security prison holding almost 1200 prisoners and deals mostly with provincial (2 years less a day) sentences.

You can send your letters, postcards and letters of solidarity to Peter at the address below.

Peter Hopperton

c/o Central North Correctional Centre

1501 Fuller Ave.

Penetanguishene, Ont.

L9M 2H4


Conclusion to Ryan Rainville’s Sentencing

6 Dec

Skeleton Speaks to an AudienceOn Monday Dec. 5Th, 2011 Ryan Rainville was received to a conditional sentence of 4 months under house arrest, followed by 4 months curfew and then one year probation. Ryan had pled guilty to 3 counts of Mischief over $5000 for using a red and black flag and a hammer to destroy Toronto Police cruisers during the G20 riot last year. He also pled guilty to a Breach of Peace.

Ryan’s sentence took into account the 96 days he spent in the Toronto Metro West Detention Centre and Maplehurst Correctional Facility following his initial arrest on these charges. Ryan fought and won during a trial where he contested charges of Assault Police with a Weapon and Obstruct Officer. These charges stemmed from accusations that a police cruiser Ryan had damaged was occupied.

Guelph Anarchist Black Cross (GAYBC) has just released a zine of Ryan’s statement he read to the courts before his sentencing. You can find it on our website www.guelphprisonersolidarity.wordpress.com to print and distribute at your leisure.

Print Version: Ryan_TrialStatements_imposed.pdf

Web Version: Ryan_TrialStatements.pdf

If you’re interested in writing letters of support and solidarity to Ryan, we will be forwarding mail from our P.O. Box. send your letters to:

Ryan Rainville c/o Guelph ABC

P.O. Box 183

Guelph, On

N1H 6J6


-Guelph Anarchist Black Cross

Shut Down the Crime Bill! No Prison Expansion! December 10th, Toronto

5 Dec

***Please Forward Widely***

No Prison Expansion
March and Noisy Demonstration
Saturday, December 10th 2011
3pm @ St. James Park
Bring noise makers, family and friends

On December 10, 2011, we will gather at St James park, the past site of Occupy Toronto. From there, we will march to the Don Jail in order to express our hatred of prisons and our contempt for the Criminal (In)Justice System. Harper’s Crime Bill is an attempt to lock more of us away for petty crimes- to fill Canadian jails with drug users and people struggling with mental health issues.

The current and ongoing expansion of the prison industrial complex touches our lives every day– from increases in street cops and surveillance to the overcrowding of prisons, and the further criminalization of poverty and targeting of marginalized communities.

The global capitalist economy is failing, and the environmental crisis is ongoing and everywhere. Increased policing and criminalization is an austerity strategy that will inevitably result in more of our friends and family members being locked away, more government money spent on policing and prisons, and the closures of community programs and schools.

The Canadian State is on a path towards US-style super-max isolation prisons and increased solitary confinement. There are plans for dozens of new prisons equipped with state-of-the-art security systems to further isolate prisoners from the outside world. The consequences to us and to our communities are dire; if the Crime Bill is passed, it will impose mandatory minimum sentences on various non-violent crimes – including simple drug possession (6 months in jail for 6 pot plants) – and make it harder to get time-served or parole.

Inspired by the global struggle against the capitalist elite and their vicious program of austerity, we choose to resist.

In solidarity with all prisoners and exploited peoples struggling for freedom locally and globally.

In solidarity with indigenous peoples of this land, who face continued assault by the Criminal (In)justice System.

Against the current prison conditions of abuse and torture that only increase the violence in our communities.

“This is Just the Beginning” says Rob Nicholson the Justice Minister, referencing tough crime bills.

We couldn’t agree more.

– Prison is Class War –

Buses will be leaving from Kitchener and Guelph to attend the march.

Email abolishtheprisons@gmail.com for more information and to reserve a spot.

Noise Demo at Metro West Monday, December 5th

1 Dec

Remember the g20 and those folks arrested for it? Some of them are in jail now…so,

Do you hate prisons? Do you love our buds?

If so, please join us this upcoming Monday, December 5th at 6 pm for a Noise Demo at Metro West Detention Centre to hoot and holler and make some noise and send some love to our buds who are locked up there!

Meet up is the parking lot by Carlingview Dr. And Disco Rd. Please be there at 5:45 pm, and we’ll head out to the prison from there. Bring: banners, flags, noisemakers, flashlights, candles, and buds.

Transit directions are below, It’d be sweet if you could RSVP so we could know what kind of numbers we’re looking at. Send RSVPs, questions, comments, to guelphabc@riseup.net.



If you’re looking to get there via public transit, the closest subway is Kipling Station. From there, you can take the 45 A Kipling, to and get off at Disco and Carlingview. The bad news is that the last bus back is at 6:24 pm. If you need help getting there contact guelphabc@riseup.net and we can figure something out!



Mailing Addresses for Erik, Peter and Adam

29 Nov

We have confirmation that Erik, Peter and Adam were transferred to the Toronto West Detention Center after their sentencing yesterday. We don’t know whether they will be held there for the remainder of their sentences or if they will be transferred.

Please send them letters of support, let’s all make sure they feel loved and connected.

Erik Lankin / Peter Hopperton  / Adam Lewis  (they have all been transferred to another institution)

Toronto West Detention Centre
111 Disco Rd
PO Box 4950, Rexdale ON

Support Imprisoned Comrades: Toronto G20 “Main Conspiracy Six”

29 Nov

Support Imprisoned Comrades: Toronto G20 “Main Conspiracy Six”

On November 22, 2011, six of our friends pled guilty to counselling charges for organizing to disrupt the Toronto G20 summit in June, 2010. Erik Lankin, Adam Lewis and Peter Hopperton began serving jail sentences of 3-5.5 months on November 28, 2011. Leah Henderson expects to be sentenced to 10 months on December 20, 2011. Mandy Hiscocks expects to be sentenced to 16 months on January 13. Alex Hundert expects to be sentenced to 13.5 months, date to begin TBA.

To view/print/distribute the support flyer for the “Main Conspiracy Six” facing jail time Click Here

To read the collective statement of the G20 Main Conspiracy Group, individual statements of co-defendants, and statements read to the courts, visit: http://conspiretoresist.wordpress.com.

Guelph Anarchist Black Cross is providing some of the support for these comrades. We are fundraising money to facilitate meeting the everyday and immediate needs of comrades facing jail and of their support networks. Specifically, we will be putting money towards: sending letters and reading materials to those incarcerated; transportation costs for family, friends and supporters visiting them; collect phone call bills; canteen; rent money when they get out; and storage for their belongings. We need help providing funds for this material support.

Here’s how to donate to the Guelph ABC G20 Support Fund:

  1. paypal: guelphabc@riseup.net or click the button on this site
  1. Deposit cash to the following TD bank account: Transit # 00182, Institution # 004, Account # 00185228263.
  2. Write a cheque or money order to Guelph ABC with G20 in the memo line. Mail to the PO box below.

Letters to comrades in jail is encouraged, to help them stay connected to struggles and communities, and to break the isolation inherent in prisons.

It is possible that folks will be moved between jails during their incarceration. We will try to keep their addresses updated on our website. You can also send letters to the address below and we will forward them. When writing letters, remember that they will be read by prison guards.

Guelph ABC
PO Box 183
Guelph, ON
N1H 6J6

Check back for regular updates and more information.

If you have any questions, concerns, or want to know more about what we do, please don’t hesitate to email us: guelphabc@riseup.net.

Your support and solidarity is deeply appreciated. Most importantly, keep up the struggle.

In solidarity with anarchist prisoners worldwide, and all prisoners fighting for freedom.

  • Guelph Anarchist Black Cross

Regarding Our Plea Deal: Statement of the “G20 Main Conspiracy Group”

27 Nov

From: Conspire To Resist

November 22, 2011 — As people across Turtle Island look towards the global wave of protests against the austerity agenda, the memory of the 2010 G20 protests in Toronto looms large as both inspiration and caution. We are seventeen people accused by the state of planning to disrupt the leaders summit – the prosecutors call us the G20 Main Conspiracy Group.

This alleged conspiracy is absurd. We were never all part of any one group, we didn’t all organize together, and our political backgrounds are all different. Some of us met for the first time in jail. What we do have in common is that we, like many others, are passionate about creating communities of resistance.

Separately and together, we work with movements against colonialism, capitalism, borders, patriarchy, white supremacy, ableism, hetero/cis-normativity, and environmental destruction. These are movements for radical change, and they represent real alternatives to existing power structures. It is for this reason that we were targeted by the state.

Although these conspiracy charges have been a big part of our daily reality for the past year and a half, we have been slow in speaking out collectively. This is partly because of the restrictive bail conditions that were placed on us, including non-association with our co-accused and many of our close allies. In addition, those of us who did speak out have been subjected to a campaign of intimidation and harassment by the police and prosecutors.  We are writing now because we have decided to resolve our charges to bring this spectacle to an end.

The state’s strategy after the G20 has been to cast a wide net over those who mobilized against the summit (over 1, 000 detained and over 300 charged) and then to single out those they perceived to be leaders. Being accused of conspiracy is a surreal, bureaucratic nightmare that few political organizers have experienced in this country, but unfortunately it is becoming more common. We can’t say with any certainty if what we did was in fact an illegal conspiracy. Ultimately though, whether or not our organizing fits into the hypocritical and oppressive confines of the law isn’t what’s important. This is a political prosecution. The government made a political decision to spend millions of dollars to surveil and infiltrate anarchist, Indigenous solidarity, and migrant justice organizing over several years. After that kind of investment, what sort of justice are we to expect?

We have not been powerless in this process; however any leverage we’ve had has not come from the legal system, but from making decisions collectively. This has been a priority throughout, particularly in the last several months, as the preliminary inquiry gradually took a back seat to negotiations for a deal to end it. The consensus process has been at times a heart-wrenching, thoughtful, gruelling, disappointing, and inspiring experience, and in the end, we got through it together.

Of the seventeen of us, six will be pleading and the eleven others will have their charges withdrawn. Alex Hundert, and Mandy Hiscocks are each pleading to one count of counselling mischief over $5,000 and one count of counselling to obstruct police, and Leah Henderson, Peter Hopperton, Erik Lankin, and Adam Lewis are each pleading to a single count of counselling mischief over $5,000. We are expecting sentences to range between 6 and 24 months, and all will get some credit for time already served in jail and on house arrest.

Three defendants in this case had their charges withdrawn earlier and one has already taken a plea to counselling mischief over $5,000 that involved no further jail time. This means that out of twenty-one people in the supposed G20 Main Conspiracy Group, only seven were convicted of anything, and none were convicted of conspiracy. The total of fourteen withdrawals demonstrates the tenuous nature of the charges.

This system targets many groups of people including racialized, impoverished and Indigenous communities, those with precarious immigration status, and those dealing with mental health and addiction.  The kinds of violence that we have experienced, such as the pre-dawn raids, the strip-searches, the surveillance, and pre-sentence incarceration happen all the time.  The seventeen of us have moved through the legal system with a lot of privilege and support.  This includes greater access to “acceptable” sureties, and the financial means to support ourselves and our case.  While the use of conspiracy charges against such a large group of political organizers is noteworthy, these tactics of repression are used against other targeted communities every day.

There is no victory in the courts. The legal system is and always has been  a political tool used against groups deemed undesirable or who refuse to co-operate with the state. It exists to protect Canada’s colonial and capitalist social structure. It is also deeply individualistic and expensive. This system is designed to break up communities and turn friends against each other.

Within this winless situation, we decided that the best course of action was to clearly identify our goals and needs and then to explore our options. Within our group, we faced different levels of risk if convicted, and so we began with the agreement that our top priority was to avoid any deportations. Other key goals we reached were to minimize the number of convictions, to honour people’s individual needs, and to be mindful of how our decisions affect our broader movements. Although we are giving up some important things by not going to trial, this deal achieves specific goals that we weren’t willing to gamble.

Our conversations have always been advised by concern for the broader political impacts of our choices. One noteworthy outcome is that there are no conspiracy convictions emerging from this case, thus avoiding the creation of a dangerous legal precedent that would in effect criminalize routine tasks like facilitation. Taking this deal also frees up community resources that have been embroiled in this legal process.

We emerge from this united and in solidarity.

To those who took us in while on house arrest, to those who raised money for our legal and living expenses, to those who cooked food, wrote letters, offered rides and supported us politically and emotionally throughout, thank you.

To those in jail or still on charges from the anti-G20 protests, to political prisoners and prisoners in struggle, we are still with you.

To communities and neighbourhoods fighting back from Cairo to London, from Greece to Chile, in Occupied Turtle Island and beyond, see you in the streets.